Eureka's Historic Railroad
The locomotive of the ES&NA
Railway pulls into the station
in historic Eureka Springs.
Seeing the Ozarks by Rail
The passenger cars of the
historic train give riders a
chance to experience scenic
Ozark scenery.
ES&NA Railway - Eureka Springs, Arkansas - ES&NA Railway in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
ES&NA Railway in Eureka Springs
A passenger and conductor discuss the history of
the ES&NA Railway, a historic railroad operating
from Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Riding the Rails in the Ozarks
Passenger railroads were once an important
part of the American fabric. Although a few
trains still run, across the South most have
gone the way of the horse and buggy. In
Eureka Springs, however, visitors can still
experience what it was like to ride the trains
of old.

The ES&NA (Eureka Springs & North
Arkansas) Railway operates from the depot
on Highway 23 North (North Main Street) in
Eureka Springs.

One word of warning, don't come here
expecting to see pristine museum displays.
But if you want to find out what it was really
like to ride the rails in historic times, this is a
good place to do it. Running a railroad is an
expensive proposition and historic railroads
like this one often operate on tight budgets.
As a result, you'll find that some of the cars
could use a little refurbishing and restoration
projects sometimes run behind schedule.
But with that in mind, if you love trains and
America's historic railroads, then the ES&NA
is worth a visit. The train ride is also a hit with

The railway operates Tuesday through
Saturday from April through October, with
Sunday trains running on Memorial Day and
Labor Day weekends.

Leaving Eureka Springs, the train runs for 4
1/2 miles up through a scenic mountain
valley in the Ozarks. It is some of the prettiest
scenery in northern Arkansas, especially
during the spring blooming season and fall
leaf change.

While waiting for the train, passengers can
explore the historic depot and various pieces
of historic railroad equipment on the
grounds. The display is one of the largest
collections of antique train equipment in

The ES&NA is a great place to explore the
impact the railroad had on Arkansas by
bringing visitors to Eureka Springs during the
community's early day. A completed railroad
and trains first reached the city in 1883,
bringing a flood of new visitors and residents
to the booming resort area.

The convenience, safety and speed of
railroad travel made Eureka Springs
accessible to people from all around the
United States. The trains played a critical part
in the development of the city and for many
years were a daily part of the landscape.  

The trains run on Tuesday through Saturday
from April until October, with Sunday trains
also available on Memorial Day and Labor
Day weekends. The railway also operates a
special dinner train.

For more information on schedules and
prices, call the ES&NA Railway at (479)
Please click here to visit their
website for current operating schedules and
other information including directions.
No Ticket, No Ride!
A conductor punches tickets
as the ES&NA Railway rolls
through the mountains.
Passengers Wait to Board
Watching the coupling of the
cars is popular with waiting
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