Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Downtown Eureka Springs
provides the opportunity for
visitors to step into the past.
Shops in Eureka Springs
Eureka's streets are lined
with shops, galleries and
cafes that provide memorable
browsing experiences.
Downtown Historic District - Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
The downtown historic district in Eureka Springs is
one of the most charming Victorian settings in the
United States.
Downtown Eureka Springs
One of America's best preserved and most
intriguing historic districts can be found in
downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The
architecture and design of the old city is
beautifully preserved, making it one of the
premier destinations in the United States.

Founded and named in 1879, Eureka
Springs quickly became a major resort
destination as travelers from all over the
country came to drink and soak in the pure
spring waters flowing from the
mountainsides. Many of the springs still dot
the landscape of the downtown area.

In less than one year, 3,000 people had
come to live in Eureka Springs. Elegant
homes grew on the steep hillsides and the
downtown district became the thriving center
of what then was the fourth largest city in

The belief that the springs held medicinal
properties diminished over time, but Eureka
Springs remained an important destination.
Much of the city's beautiful late 19th and early
20th century architecture has been preserved
and the downtown area thrives as a unique
shopping and entertainment district.
Numerous shops, restaurants and places to
stay are available in downtown Eureka
Springs, among them the historic Basin Park

The Eureka Springs Historic District was
listed on the National Register of Historic
Places in 1970 and includes the entire
downtown area. Over twenty different styles of
unique architecture survive, ranging from
Victorian homes to hotels to unusual

Today the population of Eureka Springs
remains at around 3,000, but more than 1.5
million visitors come to the community each
year. A popular destination year-round, it is
considered one of the nation's premier
historic attractions. Even the funnel cake
shop downtown is listed on the National
Register of Historic Places.
Much of the downtown life of modern Eureka
Springs revolves around historic Basin Park.
Located in the heart of downtown, the park
features monuments, a beautiful rock
outcropping and very nice views of the entire
downtown area. Live entertainment is often
underway in the park and it is the scene of a
beautiful Nativity scene each Christmas.

The community offers an outstanding trolley
service that makes stops throughout the
downtown area, which can be quite crowded
during the spring, summer and fall tourist
History in the Scenic Ozarks
The Basin Park Hotel (right)
and other historic inns offer
downtown accommodations.
19th Century Bathhouse
This reconstructed 19th
century bathhouse overlooks
the downtown historic district.
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