Civil War Interpretive Center
The center helps visitors
better understand the role of
Corinth in the Civil War and
the fighting that took place in
and around the city. - Civil War Sites of Corinth, Mississippi - Civil War Sites of Corinth, Mississippi
Corinth, Mississippi
Cannon aim out from a reconstructed fort at the
Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center on the site of
the Battle of Corinth.
Battle of Shiloh
Corinth was the base for the
Confederate troops that
fought in the Battle of Shiloh.
Battery Robinett in Corinth
Monuments and graves mark
the site of the fort that played
a critical role in the Battle of
Battery F in Corinth
The earthwork fortification
was part of the outer line of
defenses that surrounded the
vital city.
Corinth, Mississippi - Civil War Sites and Battlefields
Battles for Northern Mississippi
The beautiful and charming small city of
Corinth in northern Mississippi is one of the
primary gateways to Shiloh battlefield and
also occupies the scene of the bloody
of Corinth.

Located just south of the Tennessee line, the
Mississippi city was a major strategic
objective for both the Union and Confederate
armies during the Civil War. Located at the
critical intersection of two vital rail lines,
Corinth gave the army that could hold it a
major advantage in the battle for the heart of
the Confederacy.

Corinth today is surrounded by thousands of
acres of battlefield and some of the most
extensive Civil War fortifications in the nation.
It is an emerging destination for heritage
tourism and provides an outstanding base
for exploring the Shiloh and Corinth

Shiloh National Military Park, located just 20
miles northeast of Corinth, preserves the
scene of the Battle of Shiloh. One of the
bloodiest battles of the Civil War, the Union
and Confederate armies lost a combined
total of nearly 24,000 men. The park offers a
visitor center, driving tour, walking trails and
thousands of acres of preserved battlefield.

Over recent years, the national park has been
expanded to include a new Corinth unit.
Located in Corinth itself, it preserves the
scene of the bloody Battle of Corinth.

The National Park Service recently opened its
new Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center.
Located at the site of Battery Robinett, a
Union fort overrun by Confederate troops
during the battle, the center helps visitors
better understand the critical fighting that took
place in the Corinth area. The grounds
preserve the site of the Confederate assault
on Battery Robinett, where one Southern
officer remembered that "we were butchered
like dogs."

With local and state assistance, the National
Park Service is also working to acquire and
mark a number of Civil War features in the
Corinth area.  These include battlefields,
campsites, earthen fortifications and more.

Driving tours of the Battle of Corinth and key
Civil War sites around the city are available.
Maps and other information on the tours is
available at the Civil War Interpretive Center,
which also offers an outstanding video
presentation on the Battle of Corinth.
Other points of interest in the area include
the Natchez Trace Parkway, which passes to
the south and east of Corinth and provides
an outstanding way of exploring scores of
historic sites in Mississippi, Tennessee and

Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield is
just over 30 miles south of Corinth. The park
preserves the site of General Nathan Bedford
Forrest's huge 1864 victory over a much
larger Union army.

Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley and
site of the Tupelo National Battlefield is only
50 miles south.

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