Observation Platform
From its entrance to the Bald
Rock overlook, the trail is a
smooth boardwalk with no
steps or steep inclines.
Entrance to Doug Ghee Trail
Open daily until sundown, the
trail gives visitors of all
abilities the chance to see the
view from Bald Rock.
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Doug Ghee Accessible Trail, Alabama
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Doug Ghee Accessible Trail, Alabama
Doug Ghee Accessible Trail - Cheaha State Park, Alabama
View from Bald Rock
The overlook at the end of the Doug Ghee
Accessible Trail provides an outstanding view.
A View for Visitors of All Abilities
Alabama's Cheaha State Park is unique in
the efforts it has taken to make Mt. Cheaha's
remarkable views accessible to visitors of all

The prime example of this is the Doug Ghee
Accessible Trail. A smooth boardwalk with no
steps or steep inclines, the trail leads from a
parking area near Bald Rock Lodge to an
observation platform at Bald Rock. The
overlook is one of the finest vistas on the

Bald Rock holds a special place in the
history of Cheaha State Park. When workers
from the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
developed the park during the era of the
Great Depression, Bald Rock was one of the
places they selected to give visitors access
to the phenomenal views from the mountain.

Among the first trails opened at Mt. Cheaha
during the 1930s was one leading out to
Bald Rock, a unique natural formation that
provides a sweeping view of the mountains
and valleys beyond. This trail can still be
used and parallels the Accessible Trail from
the Bald Rock parking lot out to the rock.

For many years it was the only way to reach
Bald Rock, which prevented those with
disabilities from being able to enjoy the
beautiful view. With the construction of the
boardwalk, however, the view was opened to
all visitors.

In addition to the scenic boardwalk through
the forest on top of the mountain and
overlook at Bald Rock, the trail also offers
interpretive shelters along the way that
provide information on the history, geology
and ecology of Mt. Cheaha.

One panel, for example, tells of the role of the
CCC in developing this and other state parks
around the nation. Others describe the
unique trees of the mountain and also
explain its use as a landmark by migrating
flocks of birds.

The boardwalk also includes stopping points
to allow for rest stops along the way.
The Doug Ghee Accessible Trail is just one
of many trails at Cheaha State Park, but is
the only one specifically designed for use by
people regardless of disability.

A more difficult but equally rewarding hike is
the trail out to Pulpit Rock, the name given to
a unique rock formation that juts out from one
side of the mountain. The view at the rock is
phenomenal and it is also a good place to
watch people engaged in rock climbing and

Other trails lead down the mountain to the
lake and campground at the bottom. There
are others that wind through various areas of
the park. Many also connect with the vast
network of trails that providing hiking access
to the Talladega National Forest.

For more information on the hiking trails and
other facilities of Cheaha State Park, please
click here.  If you need directions from your
location to the park, please visit our
Cheaha State Park page and scroll down to
the free "Get Directions" service.
Beautiful Forest Scenery
The boardwalk leads through
the beautiful forest on the top
of Mt. Cheaha and is perfect
for a leisurely mountain visit.
Fall Color on Mt. Cheaha
Cheaha State Park offers
some of Alabama's most
beautiful fall scenery.
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