Bunker Tower
Constructed of beautiful
natural stone, Bunker Tower
provides fantastic views from
Alabama's highest point.
View from the Top of a State
The observation room at the
top of Bunker Tower provides
a spectacular view of Cheaha
State Park and the area.
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Alabama's Highest Point & Bunker Tower
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - Alabama's Highest Point & Bunker Tower
Historic Bunker Tower and Alabama's Highest Point
The View from the Top of Alabama
The observation room at the top of Bunker Tower
provides a beautiful view of Cheaha State Park.
A Tower at the Top of Cheaha
Reaching an elevation of 2,407 feet, the peak
of Mt. Cheaha is Alabama's highest point.
Topped by historic Bunker Tower, the highest
point is a popular attraction at Cheaha State

The site of the tower was identified by early
survey work as the highest point in Alabama
and was one of the reasons that Mt. Cheaha
was selected to become a state park during
the 1930s. As the park was developed,
designers decided to place a beautiful stone
tower at the highest point to give visitors
spectacular views.

Built of native stone, the tower is one of the
most unique structures to be found at any
state park in the South. It is open to the public
on a daily basis and an interior staircase
takes visitors up to an observation room at
the top.

The observation room provides a beautiful
view of all 360 degrees of the compass from
high above the highest point in Alabama.

Architecturally, Bunker Tower creates a feel
something like that of  a castle or lighthouse.
Its thick stone walls, interior archway and
winding staircase are unique and
memorable. The craftsmanship and labor
that went into building the tower are quite

Because this is a historic structure, there is
no elevator so the upper observation room is
not wheelchair accessible.
The tower and highest point are located off
the main drive that loops through Cheaha
State Park. Just look for the signs as you
follow the road.

In addition to the tower, the highest point
area also offers picnic tables and visitors can
see part of an antique sawmill on display
there. The tower area is also a great area for
observing wildlife and spotting wildflowers.
Interior of Bunker Tower
The interior staircase of the
historic stone tower is artistic
in design and a favorite with
visitors to Cheaha.
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