Cheaha State Park & Mt. Cheaha in Alabama
Mt. Cheaha, Alabama
Alabama's tallest mountain
rises above the beautiful
scenery of the Talladega
National Forest.
Waterfalls and Mountains
This beautiful cascade flows
down to Cheaha Falls, one of
a number of waterfalls in the
Cheaha State Park area.
Cheaha State Park and Mt. Cheaha, Alabama
Spectacular Mountain View
This view of the Talladega Mountains was taken
from the deck of the Cheaha State Park restaurant.
(Photo by Lauren McCormick)
The Highest Point in Alabama
Rising 2,407 feet into the skies of the Deep
South, Mt. Cheaha is Alabama's tallest

Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest
and home to Cheaha State Park, the
mountain is known for its beautiful scenery,
historic sites and recreational opportunities.

A relic of President Franklin Roosevelt's
Depression-era works programs, Cheaha
features hiking trails, picnic areas, cabins,
camping areas, chalets, beautiful stone
architecture, magnificent views and a
stunning natural setting. The park also offers
a restaurant, store and hotel.

The park and mountain take their name from
the Creek word "Chaha," which translates
roughly to "High Place." This is appropriate
since the highest place in Alabama can be
found in the state park. Local tradition,
however, holds that the mountain is also
known as the "Sleeping Giant," a name that
originates from the fact that it takes on the
appearance of a reclining man when viewed
from a distance.

The area that is now Cheaha State Park has
been inhabited for thousands of years. Rock
shelters near the base of the mountain have
revealed archaeological evidence of the
presence of early Native American hunters
and their families.

It is believed that Hernando de Soto's army
marched through the neighboring valleys and
the Spanish soldiers of Tristan de Luna also
penetrated this area during the 16th century.
These expeditions contributed significantly to
the formation of various Native American
groups into what eventually became known
as the Creek Nation.

Cheaha State Park is located in what was
once the Creek Nation. A significant battle
took place in nearby Talladega during the
Creek War of 1813-1814 and Creek warriors
took refuge in the mountains following their
defeat by Andrew Jackson.

Because of its rough and rocky terrain, the
mountain was not heavily settled by early
pioneers, but it remained an important
landmark as it can be seen throughout the

Remarkably, it was the Great Depression
that gave the nation one of its most
remarkable scenic, historic and natural
assets. Faced with trying to pull the country
from devastating economic times, President
Roosevelt sought to relieve human misery
and suffering by returning Americans to work.

His plans gave birth to the largest public
works program in the history of the United
In 1933, land was acquired by the State of
Alabama and a cooperative state and federal
effort led to the design and construction of
Cheaha State Park. Trails were established,
picnic areas built, cabins and a stone lodge
constructed atop Alabama's highest point.

Then on July 17, 1936, the president issued
a proclamation establishing the Talladega
National Forest. Over the seven year period
from 1933 to 1940, Cheaha State Park and
the Talladega National Forest became
national treasures thanks to the vision of
Depression-era leaders and the hard labor
of Alabama workers.

The park has advanced significantly from its
early days and now features both beautifully
preserved Depression-era structures and
outstanding modern facilities. A crown jewel
of the Alabama State Park system, Cheaha
offers a peaceful family setting within easy
reach of much of the Deep South.

In addition to its campgrounds, trails, picnic
areas and spectacular views, Cheaha offers
a lodge, restaurant, cabins and more. The
park is located on Alabama 281 roughly 10
miles south of Anniston and Oxford. For your
GPS, use 2141 Bunker Loop, Delta, AL.

The day use entry fee is $5 for ages 12-62,
$2 for Seniors (62+) and kids 6-12.. Kids
under 6 are admitted free with an adult.

Please click here to visit the park's official
website for reservations and more info.
Overlook at Bald Rock
The overlook at Bald Rock
provides visitors to Cheaha
State Park with spectacular
Doug Ghee Accessible Trail
This beautifully designed
boardwalk allows visitors of
all abilities to reach the Bald
Rock Overlook.
Restaurant with a View
The restaurant at Cheaha
State Park offers excellent
food and one of the best
views to be found in Alabama.
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