Historic Sites in Calhoun County, Florida
Battle of Ocheese Site
This bend of the Apalachicola
River was the scene of the 1817
Battle of Ocheese.
Native American History
The Cochrane Town marker
notes, in two languages, the
western border of one of three
small reservations established
during the 1820s for Native
American groups living along the
Apalachicola River.
Historic Sites in Calhoun County, Florida
Historic Old Calhoun County Courthouse
Blountstown, Florida
Situated along the Apalachicola and
Chipola Rivers of Northwest Florida,
scenes of a rapidly growing eco-
tourism industry, Calhoun County is a
pristine jewel.

Created in 1838 and named for Sen.
John C. Calhoun of South Carolina,
Calhoun County boasts a turbulent
and fascinating history. Rich in Native
American history, the county figured
prominently in the War of 1812 and
First Seminole War of 1817-1818. One
of the oldest public roads in Florida,
the historic Pensacola to St. Augustine
or Bellamy Road passed through
Calhoun County and one of three
small Native American reservations
established by the 1823 Treaty of
Moultrie Creek was located here.
Calhoun County was also the scene of
a bloody pre-Civil War insurrection
remembered today as the "Calhoun
County War."

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