Ghost Hunt at Bellamy Bridge - Marianna, Florida
Ghost Hunt at Bellamy Bridge - Marianna, Florida
Bellamy Bridge
The historic bridge is the oldest of its type in
Florida. It is said to be haunted by the
restless ghost of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy.
Ghost of Bellamy Bridge?
The ghost is often described
as a blue light that appears
near the old bridge.  This
photo was taken on October
26, 2012.
Tour Group at Bellamy
After dark walks to historic and
haunted Bellamy Bridge can be
arranged by visiting
Ghost Hunt at Bellamy Bridge - Marianna, Florida
Proof of the Paranormal?
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Last Updated: June 17, 2013
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Bellamy Bridge
Built in 1914 on the site of
earlier wooden bridges, the
span is the oldest of its type
in Florida. It is located just
north of Marianna.
Paranormal Investigators
The team from Emerald
Coast Paranormal Concepts
are working with the Friends
of Bellamy Bridge to conduct
long term investigation of the
A group of researchers has uncovered
unexpected evidence of random electrical
pulses at famed and purportedly haunted
Bellamy Bridge in Jackson County, Florida!

Located just north of
Marianna in the Florida
Panhandle, the historic bridge is reached
today by the
Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail, a
multi-use heritage and nature trail located at
4057 Jacob Road (Highway 162), Marianna,

Completed in 1914 on the site of previous
wooden bridges, Bellamy Bridge is the
oldest bridge of its type in Florida. One of the
state's best known ghost stories holds that it
is haunted by the restless apparition of
Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, a young woman who
died on May 11, 1837 and is buried nearby.

Please click here to read the ghost story and
the true facts behind it.

The new evidence of something unusual at
Bellamy Bridge was uncovered by Emerald
Coast Paranormal Concepts, a paranormal
research group from Panama City, Florida,
that was working in association with the
Friends of Bellamy Bridge. They conducted a
variety of tests at the bridge on May 25, 2013,
surveying the area with infrared cameras and
looking for evidence of unusual electrical
charges with sensing equipment. What they
found there astounded them.

According to Susan Todd, a member of the
research team, she and her fellow
investigators encountered what can only be
described as random electrical impulses in
the area around Bellamy Bridge.

“We cannot explain why we were getting any
results based on the fact that there isn't a
manmade source of energy that we could
find,” she said.

In fact, there are no power lines or other
sources of electricity within one-quarter mile
of where the readings were detected.

The investigators also encountered
something that many visitors to the bridge
have noticed. The extended-use batteries in
their equipment usually work for hours, but
started dying almost as soon as they arrived.
“Our fresh batteries died in our equipment
about an hour into our investigation,” Todd

The members of Emerald Coast Paranormal
Concepts were fascinated by these
phenomena, particularly the electrical
pulses, and returned to Bellamy Bridge on
Saturday Night, once again in association
with the Friends of Bellamy Bridge. They
were more prepared for what they might
experience this time, but once again they
were astounded by the results they obtained.
Susan Todd explains:

“We set up our meters, to include our Digital
EMF detector, in the same locations as we
had done previously, again same response
from our equipment, with the exception of the
Digital EMF detector which did not pick up
EMF anomalies. As our meters were reacting
we noted the exact time on our digital
recorders and IR Video recorders. We were
unable to detect a pattern to when the meters
would react. At one point, while reciting
information on the history of the bridge all
meters started to light up to maximum

Todd herself experienced the cold chill that
many Jackson County residents have felt at
Bellamy Bridge, even on the hottest days of
the year.
“We never expected the results we have
gotten our equipment. It was very hot and
muggy, at one point during the investigation
my back and right arm got very cold, I asked a
fellow investigator to touch my arm, my skin
was very cool to the touch. This happened
when we were talking about Elizabeth.”

So do they believe Bellamy Bridge is

“At this point in our research of the bridge,
our initial thoughts are that this could be a
Residual Haunting (A residual haunting is a
playback of a past event).  The apparitions
involved are not spirits, they are "recordings"
of the event. A residual haunting is never
interactive. This means if you are seeing an
apparition gliding down your hallway and it
does not appear to notice you, and takes the
same course over and over again, it is
residual. Nothing you do or say interrupts the
apparition. It is as if you are not even there.
Simply put, you are watching a scene from
the past.”

Historian Dale Cox, who literally wrote the
book on Bellamy Bridge, was present for part
of the investigation. “I find it fascinating,” he
said. “That they obtained so many results on
so many different pieces of equipment is
quite remarkable for this kind of thing.”

Cox’s book,
The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge is
available in both print and Kindle editions at

Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is located at
4057 Jacob Road (Highway 162), Marianna,
Florida. Please enter the trail via the new
parking lot there as Bellamy Bridge Road no
longer leads to the historic bridge. An
interpretive kiosk at the parking area provides
information on the trail and the history of
Bellamy Bridge.  For more information,
please visit or www.

You can visit the Emerald Coast Paranormal
Concepts page online at: