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Bellamy Bridge
The centerpiece of a legend
of tragic love loss, Bellamy
Bridge is well-known for its
ghost story.
Florida's Haunted Bridge
The most haunted bridge in
the state, Bellamy Bridge is
located at the end of a unique
heritage trail on Highway 162
near Marianna, Florida
NEW BOOK!!   The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
10 Stories of Ghosts & Monsters from Jackson County, Florida
Copyright 2012 by Dale Cox
All rights reserved.

Last Update: December 12, 2012
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Haunted by Four Ghosts?
The historic old steel-frame
bridge is said to be haunted
by the ghosts of four people
who died tragic deaths.
Ghost of Bellamy Bridge?
This bizarre photograph was
taken at Bellamy Bridge in
October 2012.
$19.95 (+ $6 Shipping/Handling)
The latest book from Southern writer and historian Dale Cox, The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge:
Ten Stories of Ghosts & Monsters from Jackson County, Florida
is a fun, chilling and
adventurous journey into the folklore and legends of Florida's third oldest county.

The book focuses on the remarkable legend of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, a story many
believe to be Florida's most famous ghost story. Cox opens his investigation with the much
loved legend of young Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, the 18-year-old bride of a wealthy doctor. She
supposedly died in a wedding night tragedy and now haunts the environs of a nearly century
old bridge that spans the Chipola River north of Marianna, Florida.

From there the authors digs deep into the real history of the legend and unveils a story that
is even more fascinating and more tragic than the folk told that has been told in Jackson
County for decades.

The book also offers the first serious historical treatment of some of Jackson County's little
known but fascinating tales of the supernatural, the strange and the mysterious.  Other
stories include:

  • The Two Egg Stump Jumper
  • The Wild Man of Ocheesee Pond
  • The Ghosts of the Russ House
  • The Ghost of the Ely-Criglar Mansion
  • The Ghost of St. Luke's Episcopal Church
  • The Graceville Spook Lights
  • The Headless Indian Chiefs of Sneads
  • The Aycock Ghosts
  • The Ghosts of Old Parramore

Now available for order, the book can be yours in time for Christmas gift giving!
Please note that ALL proceeds from
the sale of "The Ghost of Bellamy
Bridge" support the Bellamy Bridge
Heritage Trail on Highway 162 near
Marianna, Florida.

Thank you for supporting this effort!