Beaver Bridge, Arkansas
The historic bridge is located
at the intersection of Parkway
and Golden Gate in Beaver,
Beaver Bridge in Winter
The bridge was built in 1949
and can handle only one lane
of traffic at a time.
Beaver Bridge - Beaver, Arkansas
Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Arkansas
Sometimes called the "Little Golden Gate Bridge,"
the historic Beaver Bridge is the last remaining
suspension bridge of its type in Arkansas.
Little Golden Gate of Arkansas
Motorists who roam off the beaten path and
find themselves driving along Arkansas
Highway 187 northwest of
Eureka Springs
encounter one of the true treasures of the
Southern road. The historic Beaver Bridge,
sometimes called the "Little Golden Gate" of
Arkansas, carries Highway 187 traffic across
the White River and is the last suspension
bridge of its type in the state.

Built in 1949, the beautiful old bridge is 554
feet long and only 11 feet wide. Because it is
so narrow, traffic can only move one way at a
time across the span.

Located at the little town of Beaver, Arkansas,
which at last count had fewer than 100
residents, the bridge is a unique feature of
the historic and mysterious Ozarks. Its small
size, though, is part of what makes Beaver
such a special place. Historic and nestled
amongst the rolling mountains, the town
features not only the bridge, but also a very
own run waterfront park that features 33 RV

In fact, if Beaver looks a bit familiar, there is a
reason. The suspension bridge was featured
in the movie
Elizabethtown and the nearby
railroad bridge was used in the made for
television mini-series,
The Blue and the Gray.

The river crossing actually has a rich history
dating back to well before the Civil War. A
settlement named Rector's Place existed on
the site as early as 1847 and in 1850 the
community gained its name when Wilson A.
Beaver settled on the present town site.

Beaver operated a ferry, inn and grist mill on
the White River and his family witnessed the
passing of some of the most dramatic events
in American history. In 1857, for example, the
wagons of the ill-fated Fancher Party crossed
the White River at Beaver. The people of the
wagon train were brutally murdered in Utah
at what became known as the Mountain
Meadow Massacre.

General Sterling Price and a portion of his
defeated troops passed through Beaver after
Battle of Pea Ridge in 1862.

Beaver eventually settled into a more
peaceful routine as a popular recreation spot
and river crossing. The current bridge was
built in 1949 and despite damage from
floods through the years, remains in use and
is treasured by the people of Arkansas.

To reach the historic Beaver Bridge from
Eureka Springs, travel north from downtown
on Arkansas Highway 23  (North Main Street)
for 4 miles and then turn left on Arkansas
Highway 187. Follow 187 for roughly 2.6
miles until you come to the bridge.
Historic Beaver Bridge
The bridge still has wooden
flooring and railings and is
quite an adventure to cross.
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