Online Tour of the scene of the Battle of Fayetteville in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
The site of the Battle of Fayetteville is now an urban landscape in the booming Northwest Arkansas corridor. Despite the
rapid growth of the city and region, however, it is still possible to trace the troop movements and see the areas where key
fighting took place.
The Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery overlooks
much of the battlefield. The ravine through which the
Confederates advanced is clearly visible here as the
valley separating the cemetery from downtown.
Headquarters House in Fayetteville, now a museum,
was built in around 1858 and served as the
headquarters for Union forces during the battle. It
stands on East Dickson Street.
This is a view of the East Mountain, now called Mount
Sequoyah, taken from near the intersection of
Dickson Street and College Avenue. Southern troops
formed along the lower slope of this ridge.
This is a view of the front lawn of the Headquarters
House and shows the battlefield from the perspective
of the Union center. Monroe's charge came from left
to right along Dickson (visible just beyond the trees). - The Battle of Fayetteville, Arkansas - The Battle of Fayetteville, Arkansas
The Battle of Fayetteville, Arkansas
This is another view of the facade of the
Headquarters House. The structure still bears scars
inflicted by Confederate bullets during the battle. It
stood near the center of the Union line.
This is another view of the lawn of the Headquarters
House. Monroe's charge was turned back in the
street between the lawn and the brick building visible
in the background.
The Union dead from the Battle of Fayetteville are
buried here at Fayetteville National Cemetery. The
cemetery also contains the graves of Union soldiers
killed at Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove and other
engagements in the area.
Southern soldiers killed at Fayetteville are buried
overlooking the battlefield in the Confederate
Cemetery. The beautiful mountainside burial ground
protects a number of graves and also offers a
panoramic view of the site of the battle.
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