Battle of Prairie Grove - Casualties
Confederate Cemetery
The Confederate dead from
Prairie Grove rest in a beautiful
location on East Mountain,
overlooking downtown
Fayetteville National Cemetery
Fayetteville National Cemetery is
located on Government Avenue
in Fayetteville. Union dead from
Prairie Grove, Pea Ridge and
other Northwest Arkansas
battles are buried here.
Battle of Prairie Grove - Arkansas
Southern dead from the Battle of Prairie
Grove are buried at Confederate Cemetery
in Fayetteville.
Union soldiers killed at Prairie Grove are
buried at Fayetteville National Cemetery.
Confederate Losses

Killed:  164
Wounded:  817
Missing:  336

Federal Losses

Killed:  175
Wounded:  813
Missing:  263

It should be noted that a large
number of the men wounded at
Prairie Grove subsequently died in
makeshift hospitals
Note:  There are various casualty
figures for the battle. These are
taken from Hindman's report of
December 25, 1862, and the
compilation of Union casualties
included in
The War of the
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