Prairie Grove Battlefield State Historic Park
Prairie Grove Battlefield State Historic Park is located on U.S. Highway 62 in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. The park is easily
accessible from the Farmington Exit on Interstate 540 and is only twelve miles southwest of downtown Fayetteville. Other
sites associated with the battle in Fayetteville include the Fayetteville National Cemetery on Government Avenue and the
Confederate Cemetery on East Rock Street.
The Confederates advanced up the Cove Creek
valley, temporarily flanking Blunt's section of the
Union Army of the Frontier.
The road used by Hindman's Confederates as they
approached Prairie Grove can still be followed
through the Boston Mountains.
Rhea's Mill was an important landmark associated
with the battle. The mill chimney has since been
relocated to the park for use as a monument.
Hindman Hall at Prairie Grove battlefield offers a
museum, bookstore and interpretive film on the Battle
of Prairie Grove.
Photographic Tour
Battle of Prairie Grove - Arkansas
This view shows the ridge at Prairie Grove from the
Federal perspective. Confederate infantry and artillery
lined the top of the ridge and repeated attacks by
Union soldiers could not drive them off.
The West Overlook provides interpretive panels and
an outstanding view of the western end of the
battlefield, where Confederate troops were driven
back after making the final charge of the day.
Union soldiers surged past the Borden House into
the adjacent orchard, only to find themselves cut to
pieces by Confederates firing from all sides.
The paved walking trail leads past historic structures
brought to the site to simulate the rough appearance
of Prairie Grove in 1862.
Herron's Union forces assembled in the field below
and tried repeatedly to drive Confederates from this
position at the top of the ridge.
The Borden House was the center of intense fighting.
Burned at the end of the battle, the house was rebuilt
after the war on its original foundations.
A very nice paved walking trail winds for one mile
through the key eastern end of the battlefield. This
section of the field is extremely well preserved.
A series of panels, like this one providing information
on Blunt's attack, help visitors to the battlefield
understand how the battle was fought.
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Photographs Copyright 2005 by Dale A. Cox