Fayetteville National Cemetery, Arkansas
Fayetteville National Cemetery
Fayetteville National Cemetery
The size of the cemetery has
been expanded several times
from its original design and it
remains active as a place for the
burial of America's veterans.
Unknown Soldiers
Many of the original graves in the
cemetery are those of unknown
U.S. soldiers who were killed at
Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove and
Cane Hill during the Civil War.
Fayetteville National Cemetery
Fayetteville, Arkansas
A moving and beautifully-designed
place, Fayetteville National Cemetery
is tucked away on the southern side
of the city not far from the campus of
the University of Arkansas.

Established shortly after the Civil War,
the original graves here were of
Union soldiers killed in the fighting at
Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove and Cane
Hill. The bodies were relocated here
from burial places on the battlefields
so that the graves could be marked
and preserved.

Since that time, Fayetteville National
Cemetery has served as a final
resting place for American
servicemen of all ranks and military

The cemetery is listed on the National
Register of Historic Places.

Among the notable people buried
here is James C. Putnam, a founder
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
(VFW) and the first president of that
Fayetteville National Cemetery is located at
700 Government Avenue in Fayetteville.

To reach the cemetery from Interstate 540,
exit at the Farmington - University of
Arkansas exit (Highway 62) and go east to
Government Avenue. There are easily
identifiable brown signs at both the interstate
exit and the turn onto Government Avenue.

The cemetery is open daily from sunrise to
sunset. The office is open Monday through
Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
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