Photographic Tour of Cane Hill Battlefield - Canehill, Arkansas - Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas - Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas
The Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas
The site of the Battle of Cane Hill has not been preserved, but many areas of the battlefield can be seen from public roads.
Interpretation is limited to a single historic marker on Highway 45 in Cane Hill. If you decide to visit the battlefield, please
respect the rights of property owners. To view larger versions of any of the photographs below, please just click on the
The Battle of Cane Hill marker on Highway 45 in
Cane Hill. There is very little interpretation available
on the battlefield.
The old Cane Hill College building still stands in
Cane Hill.  This structure is of post-Civil War
construction, but the site was a functioning college
when the war erupted.
The historic marker at Cane Hill College. This
institution was the first college in the state of
Arkansas and was a predecessor of today's
University of the Ozarks.
This is a view looking west from the college grounds
to the commanding hill overlooking the town.
Confederates used hills like this as artillery positions
during the battle.
The old road leading by the college is one of the
original roads of the town. The Federal troops
attacked from the north.
The Confederates took advantage of ravines like
this one to force the Federals to attack on narrow
After the fighting moved beyond Cane Hill (actually
three connected villages), it spread into ridges
south and southeast of town.
The Confederates made a determined stand on the
mountain separating Cane Hill from the Cove
Creek valley. Heavy fighting and shelling took place
here where the old road crosses over the mountain.
After the fight on the mountain, the Federals
pursued the Confederates down into Cove Creek
Valley. This valley was a scene of constant activity
during the war as both armies marched back and
forth along Cove Creek Road.
The final shots of the battle took place near here on
Cove Creek Road. The road passes through a
narrow spot where the Confederates were able to
lay a successful ambush and drive back the
Federals. Darkness and a Confederate request to
remove dead and wounded brought an end to the
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