Trail of Tears
The infamous Trail of Tears
came to an end here at Fort
Smith. Across the river were the
"Indian Nations."
Native American Soldiers
Soldiers from the "Five Civilized
Tribes" fought on both sides
during the American Civil War.
Their participation at the Battle of
Pea Ridge is now interpreted at
one of Arkansas' premier
National Parks.
Thousands of Years of Cultural History
Visitors to Arkansas can explore thousands of
years of Native American history. From intriguing
mounds at Parkin and Toltec to historic Fort Smith,
where the infamous Trail of Tears ended at the
edge of the "Indian Nations," the state is rich in
cultural history.
Museums and Mounds
Parkin Archaeological State Park in Eastern Arkansas and Toltec Mounds near
Memphis provide a fascinating glimpse of the peoples and cultures in Arkansas
leading up to the time of the first European exploration. At Parkin, in fact,
archaeologists may have found the remains of a cross erected by Spanish
conquistador Hernando de Soto.
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