Lake Wedington - Arkansas
Lake Wedington
Like a Childhood Memory
Lake Wedington is a unique
place that brings back a little
something for anyone who has
ever spent a summer on a lake.
National Register
The restored buildings at Lake
Wedington are one of the
reasons this Northwest
Arkansas park has been listed
on the National Register of
Historic Places.
Lake Wedington Recreation Area
Washington County, Arkansas
When you think of the National
Register of Historic Places, a
lakeside park is probably not the first
place that comes to mind. But Lake
Wedington, a beautiful recreation
area in Northwest Arkansas, has
been recognized as a National
Register site.

The historic park was constructed by
the Works Progress Administration
(W.P.A.) during the Great Depression
of the 1930s. W.P.A. workers built the
102-acre lake, along with cabins, a
pavilion and more.

Thanks to a well-orchestrated
partnership between the National
Forest Service and concerned
citizens, the buildings and park have
been beautifully restored. Six historic
stone cabins can now be used by
guests and the park also offers
camping, picnicking, swimming,
fishing and hiking in the beautiful
Boston Mountains.

The park is managed by a
partnership between the National
Forest Service and the University of
Lake Wedington Recreation Area is located
in the Boston Mountain Ranger District of the
Ozark National Forest. The lake is thirteen
miles west of Fayetteville on Arkansas
Highway 16.

In addition to the lake and its adjacent
historic buildings, the recreation area
includes playgrounds, volleyball courts, boat
access, canoe and paddleboat rentals,
hiking trails and picnic areas.

For more information, contact the Boston
Mountain Ranger District at (479) 667-2191.