Fort Gibson Historic Site - Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
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The original stockade at Fort Gibson was
reconstructed during the Great Depression and is an
interesting part of the historic site. The structures are
well-maintained by the Oklahoma Historical Society.
Two-story blockhouses like this one were built on two
diagonal angles of the original stockade. They
projected slightly beyond the stockade line of the fort,
so that marksmen could easily fire on attackers.
The interior of the Fort Gibson stockade recreates life
at the post during the 1820s and 1830s. The original
fort was a supply point at the end of the Trail of Tears.
The bakery (left) and hospital (right) of the second
post can be seen atop Garrison Hill at Fort Gibson
Historic Site. - Fort Gibson Historic Site, Oklahoma - Fort Gibson Historic Site, Oklahoma
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The barracks of the second post still stand across
from the visitor center at Fort Gibson Historic Site. The
structure was originally much longer, but now only the
southern half can be seen.
The earthen mounds visible here were built by Union
forces during the Civil War. A massive earthwork,
called Fort Blunt, was built at Fort Gibson to protect
Federal camps and supplies from Confederate attack.
This view of the Fort Gibson hospital was taken from
the Civil War earthworks and provides a good view of
the higher ground known as "Garrison Hill."
Fort Gibson Historic Site today preserves a
combination of original and reconstructed structures
and ruins like the Quartermaster's Storehouse.
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