Louisiana Historic Sites & Points of Interest
New Orleans, Louisiana
Famed Bourbon Street is named for the Bourbon
rulers of France and may be the best known street in
the United States.
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Oakley Plantation
John James Audubon began
32 of his famed paintings at
Oakley, which is now part of
Audubon State Historic Site.
The Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson's victory over
the British at New Orleans
defined a nation.
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Louisiana Historic Sites & Points of Interest
Pelican State History & More...
Port Hudson Battlefield
A cannon aims silently out
over Port Hudson State
Historic Site, scene of a major
Civil War battle and siege.
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Named to honor King Louis IV of France,
Louisiana is one of the most beautiful and
historic states in the South. Known for the
historic charm and Mardi Gras atmosphere
of New Orleans, bayous and wetlands, the
days of Governor Huey Long in Baton Rouge
and the magnificent plantation homes that
line the Mississippi, Louisiana holds a little
something for explorers of every taste.

The Pelican State is rich in history, from its
Cajun and Creole influences, and Civil War
devastation to Andrew Jackson's famed
victory at the Battle of New Orleans and the
legends of famed "privateer" Jean Lafitte.
Louisiana 4th of July Fireworks 2014

Assassination of Huey P. Long

Audubon Pilgrimage (St. Francisville)

Audubon State Historic Site

Barataria Preserve

Battle of Baton Rouge (1779)

Battle of Baton Rouge (1862)

Battle of Lake Bourgne

Battle of New Orleans

Battle & Siege of Port Hudson

Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Historic Sites & Points of Interest

Baton Rouge Indian Mound

Baton Rouge National Cemetery

Day the War Stopped (St. Francisville)

Fort Pike State Historic Site

Fort Macomb

French Quarter in New Orleans

Grace Episcopal Church

Grant's Canal (Lake Providence)

Grave of Best Known Confederate Soldier

Grave of Huey P. Long

Jean Lafitte, Pirate or Privateer?

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park

Lake Providence, Louisiana
Historic Sites & Points of Interest
Louisiana State Capitol
The magnificent capitol in
Baton Rouge was the dream
of Senator Huey P. Long, who
was assassinated inside.
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