Honey Springs Battlefield State Park - Oklahoma
These photographs show the scene of the Battle of Honey Springs as it appears today. Located just outside the town of
Checotah, Oklahoma, the battlefield features a driving tour, walking trails, interpretive signs, monuments and a small visitor
center that provides details on the battle. Please do not reproduce these photographs without first using the "Contact Us"
button above to ask permission.
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Civil War earthworks at Fort Gibson, the Union base
for the Honey Springs expedition.
When Blunt's Federals arrived on the field at Honey
Springs, they halted here to rest before the battle.
Aware of the Union approach, General Cooper moved
his Confederates into position in a wooded area
north of Elk Creek where they waited for the attack.
After resting in a sheltered area at the northern edge
of the park, the Federals formed into line of battle
across this ground and prepared to attack.
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - The Battle of Honey Springs, Oklahoma
ExploreSouthernHistory.com - The Battle of Honey Springs, Oklahoma
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After a fierce artillery exchange, the Union troops
attacked across this ground.
The old Texas Road leads through the Confederate
position where intense fighting took place.
After breaking the primary Confederate line, the
Federals pushed forward to the crossings of Elk
Creek where intense fighting continued.
A trail now leads to the site of the Elk Creek Bridge
where the Confederates made a desperate stand bet
were again forced back by the oncoming Federals.
The 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Regiment made
one last desperate attack on the Federals.
The Choctaw and Chickasaw soldiers attacked on
this ground, but slowly gave way to end the battle.
The battle takes its name from Honey Springs, which
pour out clear water near the southern end of the
field. The Confederates had a supply depot here.
Monuments and interpretive kiosk at the depot site.
The Confederates fired their supplies here at the end
of the battle. The monuments honor both sides.
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