Big Cedar, Missouri
Located on the outskirts of
Branson, the Big Cedar
Resort is said to be haunted.
Crescent Hotel, Arkansas
"America's Most Haunted
Hotel," the historic Crescent
is located in Eureka Springs,
Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries of the South
Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries of the South
Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries of the South
The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
A strange white mist can be seen in the lower right
of this picture taken at Jackson County, Florida's
historic and "haunted" Bellamy Bridge.
Spectres, Haunts and Wild Men
The South is a place rich in stories of ghosts,
monsters and mysteries.

The Southern states abound in stories of
restless spirits, mysteries and unexplained
creatures seen deep in the woods. Many of
these stories date back centuries and as a
whole they comprise a rich and colorful
aspect of Southern history and culture.

For some of the more interesting stories that
we have looked into, please follow the links


Bell Witch Appears in Alabama

Face in the Window

Ghost of Sketoe's Hole

Legend of Noccalula's Ghost

Old Cahawba & Pegues' Ghost

Two-Toed Tom (Alligator Monster)


Arkansas Airship Mystery of 1897

Arkansas Wild Man (19th Century Bigfoot)

Crescent Hotel (America's Most Haunted)

Ghosts of Poison Spring Battlefield

Ozark Howler (Cat Monster)

Petit Jean's Ghost

Rich Mountain Ghost

Van Buren Mystery Grave

White River Monster


Ghost of Bellamy Bridge

Ghosts of the Russ House

Ghost Ship of the Everglades

Ghosts of St. Augustine

Ghosts of St. Augustine Lighthouse

Orman House - Florida

Plowing Ghost

St. Augustine Monster

Two Egg Stump Jumper (Bigfoot)

Two-Toed Tom (Alligator Monster)
St. Augustine, Florida
"Orbs" in Castle Warden, one
of the many haunted locations
said to exist in the nation's
oldest city.
St. Simons, Georgia
The historic lighthouse on St.
Simons Island in Georgia is
said to be haunted by the
restless spirit of a former
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