Other Ghosts of Bellamy Bridge
Bellamy Bridge's Three "Other" Ghosts

Moonshiners, Murderers & Lights in the Night

Local legend holds that Elizabeth Jane Bellamy is not the only
ghost associated with Bellamy Bridge. Believers say there are
three more restless spirits roaming the woods around the
historic bridge.

Residents living along Bellamy Bridge Road, which once led to
the bridge, have long told the story of a ghostly wagon that
passes by late in the night. It is said to be pulled by a mule and
driven by a driver who rides slowly to and from the bridge. On
the way there, he has a head. On the way back, he does not.

The legend seems to perpetuate the memory of an incident that
happened in the vicinity during the early 1900s. A father who
was involved in a bitter domestic dispute with his wife brought
his young daughter down Bellamy Bridge Road to the Chipola
River and decapitated her with an ax. He then used the blade of
the same weapon to cut his own throat and commit suicide.

Occasionally, strange lights can be seen and photographed in
pairs around Bellamy Bridge. Some believe these are the
ghosts of the man and his unfortunate daughter. Others say
that his wagon can be heard and sometimes even seen as it
slowly creaks its way up and down the old road.

The other ghost story associated with Bellamy Bridge
originates with the 1914 murder there of Sylvester Hart. A
moonshiner, Hart was embroiled in an argument with two other
moonshiners about some missing liquor when his own cousin
allegedly shot him in the back of the head with a pistol. His
body fell over into a campfire and was found the next day by the
mail carrier.

According to legend, Sylvester's ghost lingers in the Bellamy
Bridge vicinity and accounts for some of the mysterious lights
and other phenomenon reported there.

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Florida's Most Famous Ghost Story

The legend of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
is perhaps Florida's most famous ghost
story. The ghost of a young woman named
Elizabeth Jane Bellamy has been seen in
the bridge vicinity for more than 120 years.
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Jackson County Spanish Heritage Trail

The site of Bellamy Bridge has been used
as a place for crossing the Chipola River for
hundreds of years. Spanish documents
indicate that the expedition of Marcos
Delgado crossed the river here in 1686.
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Battle of the Upper Chipola

An important battle of the First Seminole
War was fought near the Bellamy Bridge
Heritage Trail in March 1818. U.S. Creek
troops, led by Brig. Gen. William McIntosh,
attacked the Red Ground chief here.
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History of Bellamy Bridge

The historic steel-frame bridge turns 100
years old in 1914 and stands on the site of
earlier wooden bridges that date back to
1851. The history of the bridge itself
provides a unique look back through time.
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Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail

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