Site of Fort St. Simons
The St. Simons Lighthouse
stands on the site of earlier
British and Confederate forts.
One, Fort St. Simons, was
built by Georgia's founder.
St. Simons Waterfront
The lighthouse is one of the
fixtures on the charming St.
Simons Island Waterfront,
which features the beautiful
Neptune Park.
St. Simons Lighthouse - St. Simons Island, Georgia
St. Simons Lighthouse - St. Simons Island, Georgia
St. Simons Lighthouse - St. Simons Island, Georgia
St. Simons Lighthouse
Overlooking the shore of St. Simons Island on
Georgia's Atlantic Coast, this beautiful old tower is
a noted Southern historic landmark.
Georgia's Haunted Lighthouse
Lighthouses dot the Southern coastline, but
few are as beautiful or accessible as the
Sight Simons Light on St. Simons Island.

The distinctive white tower was constructed
during the 1870s to replace an earlier
structure and is still in use today. The
adjacent Keeper's Cottage (1872) is the
home of the Coastal Georgia Historical
Society which maintains the site and offers
museum exhibits and access to the
lighthouse itself.

From bottom to top, it takes a strenuous
climb of 129 steps to climb the 104 foot
tower, but the view from the catwalk is
definitely worth the effort. The catwalk around
the top of the tower provides visitors with a
spectacular panorama of the "Golden Isles"
and Atlantic Ocean.

Like many lighthouses, the beautiful tower on
St. Simons Island is the centerpiece of a
fascinating Georgia ghost story.

According to legend, the tower is haunted by
the restless spirit of Frederick Osborne. A
former keeper of the light, Osborne was shot
and killed by an assistant after he allegedly
made "improper remarks" to his assistant's

The assistant was arrested and tried for
Osborne's death, but was acquitted after the
jury heard the facts of the case.  Since that
time, however, people have reported seeing
Osborne's ghostly figure in and around the
You can read more about the
ghost story by clicking here.

The lighthouse site has been important for
centuries. General James Oglethorpe,
Georgia's founder, built
Fort St. Simons here
during the 1700s and Confederate troops
later built a fort on the grounds to defend
Brunswick harbor from Union attack. No trace
of either fort remains.
The St. Simons Lighthouse and adjacent
museum are open to the public from 10 a.m.
to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from
1:30 p.m. until 5 p.m. on Sundays. The last
tour is at 4:30 p.m.

The admission price is $10 for adults and $5
for children 6-11 years of age. Children 5 and
under are admitted for free.
Georgia's Haunted Light
The Ghost of the St. Simons
Lighthouse is one of the
Peach State's best known
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