Fort Tyler Cemetery
The cemetery contains the
graves of 76 soldiers, 26 of
whom died at Fort Tyler.
The Last General Killed
General Robert C. Tyler was
the last general on either side
to be killed in action during
the Civil War.
Fort Tyler Cemetery - West Point, Georgia - Fort Tyler Cemetery in West Point, Georgia - Fort Tyler Cemetery in West Point, Georgia
Fort Tyler Cemetery
Gen. Robert C. Tyler and his friend Captain
Gonzalez both fell at Fort Tyler and lie buried in a
common grave.
Burial Place of Gen. R.C. Tyler
The last general of either side killed during
the Civil War rests in the corner of a brick
enclosed cemetery in West Point, Georgia.

Brigadier General Robert C. Tyler, a brave
officer who had been repeatedly wounded
while serving with the Army of Tennessee,
fell in one of the last fights of the war, the
Battle of West Point. Fought on April 16,
1865, for control of
Fort Tyler and a vital
bridge over the Chattahoochee River, the
Georgia battle took place seven days after
Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox
Courthouse, Virginia.

Local tradition holds that Tyler, who had lost
a leg at Missionary Ridge, pledged before the
battle that he would either prove victorious or
die in the effort. When the tide of the battle
began to turn against the Confederates, he
left no doubt of his courage by standing in full
view of the enemy before the walls of the fort
in a final defiant gesture. He was shot down
by an unknown Union soldier, but never saw
the flag given him by the citizens of West
Point lowered from its staff above Fort Tyler.

Tyler was joined in death by his long-time
friend, Captain C. Gonzalez of the 1st Florida
Infantry who also fell at Fort Tyler. The two are
now buried side by side in a common grave
at Fort Tyler Cemetery in West Point.

Also buried in the cemetery are the 17 other
Confederate soldiers who fell in the defense
of Fort Tyler and West Point on April 16, 1865.
It is believed that the 7 Union soldiers killed
in the battle are also buried at Fort Tyler

The cemetery contains the graves of 76 Civil
War soldiers, although only 26 are known to
have died in the Battle of West Point. The
identities of the others are unknown. It is
possible that some may be wounded men
who died after the battle, while others are
probably soldiers who died at hospitals in
West Point during the course of the war.
The Fort Tyler Cemetery is located in the
southwest corner of Pinewood Cemetery on
U.S. 29 North in West Point, Georgia. When
you enter Pinewood Cemetery, look for the
large trees and brick enclosure which mark
the Civil War graves.

Street-side historic markers adjacent to the
enclosure detail the history of the cemetery
as well as the life of General Tyler, the last
general officer to fall in the Civil War.

The Fort Tyler Cemetery is open to the public
during daylight hours. The reconstructed
Tyler, located across the Chattahoochee
River on 6th Avenue, 1/2 block north of 10th
Street in West Point, Georgia.
Reunited in Death
26 men of both sides killed in
the Battle of West Point are
believed to be buried together.
Fort Tyler
The cemetery contains the
remains of men who died in
the taking of Fort Tyler.
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