Old City Cemetery - Darien, Georgia
Old City Cemetery in Darien, Georgia
Used from 1736 to 1806, the historic Old City
Cemetery in Darien is the final resting place of the
Scot Highlanders of the Georgia coast.
Old City Cemetery in Darien
The burial ground was used
by the Highlanders brought to
Darien by James Oglethorpe
in 1736.
Colonial Burial Ground
Most of the graves have been
lost to time, but these ancient
brick tombs still remain along
with the surrounding wall.
Old City Cemetery - Darien, Georgia
Resting Place of Highlanders
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Historic Graves in the South
Cemetery Monument
Although only a handful of the
graves are still marked, this
monument bears the names
of many of the dead.
Old City Cemetery
The historic burial ground in
Darien has been largely lost
to time. A small enclosure
surrounds the surviving part.
Old City Cemetery is a colonial era burial
ground in historic Darien, Georgia. Many of
the Scot Highlanders who founded the city
are buried there.

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Among those known to be buried in Darien's
Old City Cemetery are:

Hugh Clark
John Cunningham
Donald Fraser
John Grant
Maj. Elisha B. Hopkins
James Mackay
Archibald McBean
Alexander McDonald
Lt. Col. William McIntosh
Thomas McKenzie
Angus McLean
Donald McLeod
Capt. John McIntosh Mohr
Hugh Morrison
Alexander Monro
Alexander Murray
David Stewart
Robert Sutherland
Col. Abitha Thomas

Many others rest there but their names and
exact grave sites are lost to time.
Ancient Tombs in Darien
Historic Old City Cemetery in
Darien is one of the oldest
colonial burial grounds in