Mountain Cascades
Virtually every stream flowing
from the Talladega Mountains
features cascades and small
Waterfalls of the Mountains
Cheaha Falls, High Falls and
Devil's Den Falls are among
the easiest to access in the
Talladega National Forest. - Cheaha Area Waterfalls, Alabama - Cheaha Area Waterfalls, Alabama
Waterfalls of the Cheaha Area - Talladega Mountains, Alabama
Cheaha Falls
This beautiful waterfall is one of many to be found
in the Talladega National Forest of Alabama.
Waterfalls & Cascading Streams
The Talladega National Forest areas
surrounding Cheaha State Park protect
some of the most beautiful natural cascades
and waterfalls in the Deep South.

A number of these are easily accessible by
hiking trails, although visitors should note
that some of these trails lead over rough
terrain and can be quite strenuous.

Another word of caution, the rocks around the
falls are often quite slippery and can be very
dangerous. Please exercise caution at all
times when visiting waterfalls.

The following directions will help you find
some of the nicer waterfalls in the Cheaha
area should you decide to try to visit a few:

Cheaha Falls
From the entrance of Cheaha State Park,
travel south on Highway 281 (Talladega
Scenic Byway) roughly 3 miles until you see a
parking area on the left. Cross over Highway
281 and proceed west on the Chinnabee
Silent Trail for 3/4 of a mile to the waterfall. A
picturesque cascade flows down the
mountain to the main waterfall, so do not
mistake this for the waterfall itself.

This hike is fairly easy, with some inclines in
both directions, but be aware that the area
around the waterfall is extremely dangerous
with slippery rocks and a deep ravine. It is not
safe to dive from the falls into the pool below.

(Note: As a somewhat easier alternate, you
can also walk down the road that intersects
with 281 opposite the parking area to the
point where it intersects with the Chinnabee
Silent Trail and then hike west to Cheaha

Devil's Den
From the entrance of Cheaha State Park,
drive south on Highway 281 (Talladega
Scenic Byway) for 1.5 miles to the
intersection with County Road 42 (Cheaha
Road). Turn right and travel 3 miles to Forest
Service Road 646. Turn left onto 646 and
drive 2 miles to the Lake Chinnabee
Recreation Area. From the picnic area at the
recreation area, hike upstream (east) on the
Chinnabee Silent Trail for 1/2 mile to the
waterfall. The Lake Chinnabee area is an
excellent site for picnics.

(Note: The Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area
is not open year-round. During months that
the recreation area is closed, Devil's Den can
still be reached by following the directions for
Cheaha Falls above and continuing for an
additional three miles to the second
waterfall. As is the case with all waterfalls in
the area, Devil's Den is preserved in its
natural state so please exercise caution due
to slippery rocks and steep ravines.)
High Falls
This very nice waterfall is well worth the visit,
although the drive from Cheaha State Park is
a bit longer.

From the entrance to Cheaha State Park, turn
left on Highway 281 (Talladega Scenic
Byway) and drive 3.4 miles to the intersection
with Highway 49. Turn right onto Highway 49
and drive south 6 miles to County Road 31.
Turn right onto 31 and drive southwest 4.3
miles to County Road 12 at Concord Baptist
Church. Turn right on 12 and drive west for
1.6 miles to the entrance the Lower Odum
Scout Trail/High Falls parking area. Turn right
and drive 3/10 of a mile to the parking area.

From the parking area, hike the main trail 1/2
mile to the waterfall. The hike up to the falls
is steep, but stairs have been installed to
assist with the walk. The main waterfall is
quite beautiful, as is the cascading stream
both above and below it.

(Note: Please exercise caution on the
slippery rocks and in the steep ravine).

If you plan to visit any of these waterfalls,
make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
Hiking shoes with ankle support are highly
recommended due to the numerous rocks
and uneven nature of the trails.

Insect repellent is recommended and
drinking water is a must. Do not drink the
water from the streams or falls. The Forest
Service also recommends making sure that
someone knows where you are planning to
hike. Be careful! The falls are slippery!
Chinnabee Silent Trail
The Chinnabee Silent Trail
was constructed by deaf and
blind students and leads past
two beautiful waterfalls.
Hiking in the Talladega
The Chinnabee Silent Trail
crosses the stream feeding
Cheaha Falls by way of
natural rocks and boulders.
Waterfalls and Deep Pools
Many of the falls in the
Cheaha area flow off into
deep pools of cool, clear
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