Boston Mountains Scenic Loop - Arkansas
The Boston Mountain Scenic Loop gives visitors to the Natural State an outstanding opportunity to explore the spectacular
scenery of the Boston Mountains. A spur of the famed Ozarks, these mountains provide the natural dividing line between the
Arkansas River Valley and Northwest Arkansas. Steeped in history and folklore, this is one of the most unique areas in the
The Boston Mountains rise just north of Alma and Van
Buren, Arkansas. This view is from I-540 a few miles
north of Alma.
The Loop passes through beautiful hill and valley
country near Mountainburg, Arkansas.
Autumn is a particularly beautiful time for driving the
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop. This view was taken
looking east from I-540.
As the I-540 section of the Loop approaches the
Bobby Hopper Tunnel, the highway passes through
stunning scenery.
Photographic Tour
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop - Arkansas
A late afternoon view of the Boston Mountains Scenic
Loop from near one of the exits for Devil's Den State
The view emerging from the tunnel is one of the most
spectacular on the Loop.
The Bobby Hopper Tunnel passes through the
Boston Mountains.
The cliffs of White Rock Mountain can be seen in the
distance from the overlook at Artist Point.
Artist Point is one of the best known spots on the
U.S. Highway 71 section of the Loop.
A view across the Boston Mountains from Artist Point
gives visitors a chance to see part of the reason why
Arkansas calls itself the "Natural State."
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