The Trail of Tears
Horseshoe Bend
A U.S. Army cannon looks out on
the field at Horseshoe Bend,
Alabama, where the Creek
Nation made its greatest stand.
The End of the Trail
A national historic site now
preserves old Fort Smith,
Arkansas, where many Native
American families reached the
end of the Trail of Tears.
Oklahoma lies across the river.
An iron post marks what once
was the boundary line between
the United States and the
Choctaw Nation.
It was one of the cruelest and saddest
chapters in American history. Tens of
thousands of men, women and children from
the "Five Civilized Tribes" - Cherokee, Creek,
Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole - were
forcibly removed from their homes in the
Southeast and driven at bayonet point to new
lands west of the Mississippi. Thousands
died along the way due to sickness,
starvation and violence.

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