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Hot Springs, Arkansas
Hot Springs, Arkansas - America's First Resort!
Natural Hot Water Cascade
Hot Springs National Park
Hot Springs, Arkansas
People have come to this remarkable valley in the Ouachita
Valley of Arkansas for thousands of years. In fact, Hot
Springs calls itself "America's First Resort." It was here that
for the first time in history, the United States government set
aside land specifically to preserve a natural resource.

Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a picturesque and eclectic city
that prides itself on offering a little something for everyone.
Located just south of Little Rock at the eastern end of the
Ouachita (pronounced "Wah-she-Tah") Mountains, Hot
Springs is the center of an amazing grouping of historic
landmarks and sites. From Bathhouse Row at Hot Springs
National Park to sites related to Jesse James and Al
Capone, the myriad of fascinating sites in the area even
includes the location of one of America's first sightings of a

To begin your exploration of the scenic and historic city of
Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park and the beautiful
Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, please follow the links
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